Bubble Nebula & M52
LAAstro.com by Bill Patterson
Catalog: NGC7635 - Bubble Nebula & M52 Open Cluster

6.9 - Cluster
13' - cluster, 15' nebula


Common Name or Description:
Cluster is large & rich with a compressed middle.  Nebula  - faint, unusual circular structure
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Date Taken:  09/29/03 &10/26/03                           Location:  Mount Pinos, CA   
Takahashi FSQ106 telescope for widefield image
                  Celestron C8 SCT telescope for closeup of Bubble Nebula
                  SBIG ST10XME CCD camera for both images

Widefield LRGB = 80/16/16/32  & Closeup LRGB = 30/15/15/30
Equipment problems cut the C8 luminance exposures short & I lost the flat field frames as well
Click Here to Enlarge C8 Closeup of Bubble
An Example of Image Scale
The Takahashi images at 500mm FL which yields a image scale of 2.64 arc seconds per pixel while The C8 images at 1260mm FL and an image scale of 1.11 arc seconds per pixel - much more resolution because of the larger aperature as well!
Date Taken:  July 1, 2006                           Location:  Idyllwild, CA   
RCOS 12.5" truss telescope & SBIG STL4020 CCD camera
Exposure:    LRGB = 120/20/20/20
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50% scale - 360k
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70% scale - 700k
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