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Date Taken: December '03              Location:  Mount Pinos, CA & Sunglow Ranch, AZ
Equipment:  Takahashi FSQ106 telescope & SBIG ST10XME CCD camera
Tech Pan with a CCD? I hadn't been out for two months and was starting to twitch. Then the color filter wheel broke and I misplaced an autoguiding adapter.  I fell back to unguided B&W images for the next two outings.  Most of these images are stacks of 20 to 60 one-minute exposures.  Kinda like shooting with an automatic camera - point & shoot!  At the end, it was a lot of fun and good to be out under dark skies again.
NGC 2264 Cone Nebula region in Monoceros - note the Hubble Variable Nebula (NGC2261) at the bottom of the frame
M35 in Gemini - note the smaller cluster NGC2158 in the lower part of the image
M74 Spiral galaxy in Pisces
N1365 - Spiral galaxy in Fornax - larger image shows several small galxies in the field
N4565 - Spiral galaxy in Coma Berenicies
NGC2244 - TheRosette Nebula in Monoceros
M97 - The Owl Nebula & M108 - spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
M109 - Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
N4449 - Irregular "box" galaxy in Canes Venatici