Gary & Bill's Big Adventure by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: 2004-05              Location:  Anza, CA
Equipment:  Takahashi FSQ106 & RCOS telescopes with SBIG ST10XME/STL11000 CCD cameras
Joint venture by Gary Schones and Bill Patterson.  Images taken in Gary's observatory at Anza.
M27 - The Dumbell Nebula              Comet Macholtz                            Horse Head Nebula
Vulpecula                                         12/10/04                                       Orion
M101 - Spiral Galaxy                       M16 - The Eagle Nebula                 M4 & NGC6144
Ursa Major                                      Serpens                                         Scorpius
M74 - Spiral Galaxy                       NGC7635                                     M101 in 16" RCOS
Pisces                                            Cassiopeia                                    Ursa Major