Joint Venture Projects by Bill Patterson
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M64 - The Blackeye Galaxy
Canes Venatici

Joint venture with Tom Harrison of North Carolina

Image combined from FS152 refractor and 12.5" RCOS files - This is the base color image - click to see combination!
Several images from collaboration with Gary Schones including HorseHead Nebula, M16, M4 and M101 - Images taken with FSQ or RCOS

Febuary & April, 2004
IC342 - Spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis
Work with Marc Huber

Files combined from FSQ & TV101 taken with ST10XME & Starlight HX916 CCDs

9/27/03 - Mt Pinos & Little Blair valley, CA
Mag 9.1                           Sixe 21.2 x 20.7'
LRGB = 130/37/37/49