Star Field in Cassiopeia
Featuring Caldwell 10 & Messier 103 Clusters by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken:  8/17/06                            Location:  Idyllwild, CA   
Takahashi FSQ106 telescope & STL11000 CCD camera
LRGB = 50/30/30/30
This is a very rich star field that has 5 open star clusters and two nebulas (I can't see them :o) ) - While the files are very large, I suggest you take the time to download the largest version and take a "walk through the stars" - there are over 50,000 stars in the image!
Click here to enlarge - 70% scale - 1.2 megs - Very Large File
Click here to enlarge - 50% scale - 600k - Large File
Click here for closeup of M103 take with 12.5" RCOS Scope