M106 Galaxy Group
LAAstro.com by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: April 9, 2005              Location:  Anza, CA
Equipment:  Takahashi FS152 telescope & SBIG STL11000
Scroll down to see the major galaxies in this group or press one of the links for a widefield view.  The three closeups are all cropped selections from the single larger image.  LRGB = 170/30/30/30  - 600 second subexposures for luminance and 300 second subexposures for each color
M106 - Spiral Galaxy
Ursa Major
Mag 9.3     Size 18.6' x 7.3'
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NGC4217 - Spiral Galaxy
Ursa Major
Mag 12.0     Size 5.2' x 1.5'
Click here for a widfield view - 38% scale
Click here for a widefield view - 75% scale
Click here for a galaxy map of the field of view - 17 galaxies, I think
M106 processed to bring out detail in the core