M109 Galaxy Group
LAAstro.com by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: March 9, 2005              Location:  Sunglow Ranch, AZ
Equipment:  Takahashi FS152 telescope & SBIG STL11000
Scroll down to see the major galaxies in this group or press link for a widefield view.  The three closeups are all cropped selections from the single larger image.  LRGB = 50/20/20/5  (All but one blue frame was lost due to tracking problems)
NGC3953 - Spiral  Galaxy
Ursa Major
Mag 10.8     Size 6.9' x 3.4'

Looks like M109 turned on it's side but they're really two very similar galaxies in the same FOV.

Note the streaked stars - the FS152 cannot fully cover the field of the STL11k with a flat field :(
M64 - Black Eye Galaxy
Coma Berenicies
Mag 8.7     Size 10' x 5.4'
LRGB = 96/24/24/24
M109 - Spiral Galaxy
Ursa Major
Mag 10.5     Size 7.7' x 4.7'
Keep scrolling down :)
UGC6983 - Spiral Galaxy
Ursa Major
Mag 13.8     Size 3.5' x 2.4'
Click here for a widfield view