M22 & M28 - Globular Clusters in Sagittarius
LAAstro.com by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: June, 2005              Location:  Anza, CA
Equipment:  Takahashi FSQ106 telescope & SBIG STL11000
M22 is a beautiful globular cluster in binoculars and expodes into detail with a medium size scope.  Nearby M28 is a nice if not remarkable globular cluster.  Part of the fun here is that there are TWO SMALL GLOBULAR CLUSTERS hidden in the image :).  Look in the large image for NGC 6638 & NGC 6642!    RRGB = 30/30/30.
    Mag 5.1, Size 24'

    Mag 6.9, Size 11.2

NGC 6638
    Mag 9.2, Size 5.0"'

NGC 6642
    Mag 8.8, Size 4.5"
Click here for a widfield view - 25% scale
Click here for a widefield view - 45% scale
1.5 megs