A Bi-Coastal Joint Venture M64
LAAstro.com by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: March 2004              Location:  California & North Carolina
Equipment:  Color by Bill Patterson - Takahashi FS152 telescope at f5.7 & SBIG ST10XME CCD camera

                  Luminance by Tom Harrison - 12.5" Truss RC on an ME mount using the ST-10XME at f9

Tom and I first met at New Mexico Skies and shared a 16" Meade SCT.  We both recently shot M64.  Tom caught some wonderful detail with his larger scope where I had some color frames he hadn't captured.  We combined the two by using RegiStar and here are the results.
M64 - Blackeye Galaxy
Coma Berenicies
Mag 8.7     Size 10' x 5.4'
This is the final result of using Tom's luminance with my flattened LRGB for color.
Tom's luminance frames
Original at:
This was imaged while practicing guiding on a star nearby using the AO-7, and M64 just happened to show up in the corner of the image, thus it is a luminance only image of 6 ten-minute integrations.
My original widefield LRGB taken with the FS152 at f5.7

LRGB = 96/24/24/24

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