Mars Opposition 2003 by Bill Patterson
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My Mars imaging for the 2003 has all been with my ST10XME camera and a 8" C8 SCT.  Exposures were at f20 or f25.  I used a wide combination of software including Maxim, Photoshop, CCD Soft and Registax to capture and process the images.  Most images represent a comination of 10 to 80 individual exposure frames.
One of my favorites.  RGB combinations of ten exposures per color - 7/26/03
                  9/5/03                                             9/6/03                                           9/7/03
          Taken from my balcony in Los Angeles looking over LAX airport.  Using a RRGB technique.
Collage of frames taken 8/8/03 in Los Angeles - basically shows my processing experimentation
My camera requires me to take individual exposures through color filters and combine them later in the processing software.  Most of the detail is carried in the RED images as seen below.
RGB Combination
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