NGC7023 - The Iris Nebula by Bill Patterson
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Date Taken: September 3, 2005              Location:  Anza, CA
Equipment:  Takahashi FS152 telescope & SBIG STL11000   - Luminance
                  Takahashi FSQ106 & SBIG STL4020 - Color

This is my first tandem imaging project.  Both scope/camera combinations were imaging simultaneously and data was combined in RegiStar.  The seperate imaging systems were precisely aligned using a prototype  alignment device from Robin Casady (
                  LRGB = 180/40/40/40 - 5 hours of data acquired in 3 hours
NGC7023 in Cephus

Magnitude - 7.0

Size - 18'

Description: 7th magnitude star in extremely large, faint nebulosity
Click here for a widfield view - 30% scale
Click here for a cropped closeup view - 66% scale 390k