Building the Observatory
I'm not very mechanically inclined but I'm lucky to have some guys at my company that are experts.  Here Tom and Bill are getting the project off to a "level" start.

Before the dome construction, we built the concrete pad complete with an isolated 5' deep column for the pier.

The warm room in the background is a 10' by 12" TuffShed storage building.  I finished it with drywall and carpet.  It is a very comfortable place to stay and is wired to run the observatory from inside the shed.
Think of a giant jigsaw puzzel with about 1,000 pieces :)
It really helps to have Technical Innovations do "preassembly" at the plant where they drill the holes, mount motors and get you ready for a quick start.
Midway through the first day, things are taking shape.
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Dome construction took two guys two full days NOT counting electrical work.

This is where we ended the first day.  The boards in the slot were to hold things together before we mounted the shutter on the second day.