My Personal Favorites
As of June, 2006

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M53 is a beautiful globular cluster and the larger files shows a second large cluster as well.
These images are simply my favorites in the portfolio.  No particular order and the only selection criteria is my personal preferences.  I skipped some of my favorite objects (Andromeda Galaxy, Orion Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy) as I'm still looking for my defining images there.   I hope you enjoy the selection.
The Crab  Nebulal.
Just the Moon
M8 (L) & M4 (R) Regions - Interesting widefiled images with lots in each neighborhood.
Veil Nebula complex - Again got to see the widefield to appreciate the beauty
Cone Nebula in Ha - Gotta see the widefield!
M16 - The Eagle Nebula with the Pillars of Creation
M109 - I'm a sucker for interesting galaxy clusters.  Three big ones and many small ones here.
Iris Nebula - beautiful nebulosity and dark nebula regions
M103 - I'm not a fan of open clusters but this one captures a colorful, tranquil scene for me.
Thor's Helmut - Ready for battle.
NGC891 - Outer Limits Galaxy